Libby Rosof & Roberta Fallon

Libby Rosof and Roberta Fallon
Artists and critics, artblog

Roberta Fallon and Libby Rosof have been collaborating as artists for 17 years. Their collective portfolio includes sculptures drawings, paintings, installations, books, and art giveaways. In 2003 they started artblog, an art culture and criticism website.

The first artwork we put in a public space was “Under the Tablecloth” in City Hall Courtyard in 1992. The piece included brown paper lunch bags filled with pebbles and tied with decorative curly ribbon. The faux treat bags were the tiniest part of the large installation, but they were what people were interested in. The bags no longer exist and the pebbles are in a public landfill, disposable objects all. Around 2001 we did another public art event in Pittsburgh and used paper bags again, this time with each containing a piece of art. One of the people in the park who received a bag looked inside and quickly threw it in the trash, muttering, “Where’s the food?!” We knew that we were making disposable art, but we didn’t know it would be thrown away so quickly.

At about this time we both started collecting other people’s art and bringing it into our already stuffed-to-the-gills homes. It was easy enough (although not so easy) to haul our own back catalog of art objects to the neighborhood dump, but we wonder how easy it will be to get rid of other people’s art. We guess if our children don’t want it and can’t sell it, they’ll be trucking it to the dump too—goodness knows that’s what we did with our parents’ things.

These encounters with and thoughts about disposability have enabled us to move our art into cyberspace—the place where the trashcans are virtual and so is the trash. Ironically, at this point we’re thinking about how to archive our website, artblog, which exists in a mix of html and jpg and JavaScript and Perl on multiple servers out there somewhere.

artblog is the most ephemeral of all our projects and yet here we are—trying to cast it in bronze.